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About Dhyan

Dhyan AtkinsonDhyan Atkinson
The Five Essential Skills

513 Pearl Street, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80302 USA

Dhyan at DhyanAtkinson dot com

Dhyan is a Business Skills Trainer and Business Consultant/Coach for Small Business Owners.

All her programs teach “The Five Essential Skills … you need to find clients!” and include help in using these skills out into the Real-World to find clients!

Dhyan has been Consulting and Training small business owners since 1995.  She has lots of experience helping everyone from start-up business owners to those who have been in business for awhile but are still struggling to find clients!  Because she has a background in psychotherapy she is particularly good at helping “Marketing Introverts” – those who LOVE their business, but dread doing marketing and sales.

Her programs include personalized one-on-one programs, small group classes, 6 month business intensives for individuals or groups, teleclasses, webinars, and online independent study programs.

Dhyan has added a Business Coaching component to her work.  Calling on her background in psychotherapy and her 18  years experience working with small business owners, Dhyan helps clients uncover the reasons behind attitudes, beliefs, and behavior patterns that hold them back in business and transform them into workable, positive alternatives.

Click DHYAN to schedule a free 15-2o minute CONSULTATION about your business.  Or call Dhyan at:  303-415-0243

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