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Accountability 101

Accountability 101:

istock_000000199881_l1Do you know exactly what you need to be doing… but find it hard to get yourself to do it?

Accountability 101 is a special program combining support with an opportunity to announce, every week, what you intend to do — and to report, every week, whether you did it or not!¬† This program works equally well for Type A personalities and Marketing Introverts!

Call on my background as a business skills trainer when you need it!

If your goals are to become more productive with your time and energy and create better results for your business – this program will provide the support that you need to accomplish BIG THINGS!

30 minute sessions
8 sessions total
$240/8 session block

First three months of sessions must be purchased as a block.
Month-to-month available thereafter.

Be willing to set goals, manage your time, and reap the benefits of holding yourself accountable!

Free 20-minute consultation available to discuss this program. Call Dhyan at 303-415-0243 ore-mail me to set up your consultation.

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