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How do you approach a stranger who might be a great referral partner? Straightforwardly!

I prefer phone calling but you can also send an email.  Keep in mind that with an email you put at least three interactions between you and actually talking with this person (- you email, they say yes they’d like to meet, you have to compare calendars – much quicker by phone.)

Remember that you are contacting him or her “out of the blue” and that the other person will be trying to decide if you are a scammer or a telephone marketing person before anything else.  So tell them right away who you are and why you are calling. Don’t even do your 30 second commercial here – 30 seconds is too long for you to get to the point!  Try something like this:

Hi, my name is Jane (or John) Doe, I’m a (your profession here).  I found you on Google because I was looking for (genealogists, photo restoration people….. etc) and your name came up. I’ve looked at your website. I think we have the same target clients and that we might be able to send business to one another.  Would you be willing to spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with me so you can tell me more about your business and I can tell you about mine? (Then set up a time.  You might want to mutually send some information before the call.)

What should you say when it is time to talk?

I’ll write about how to get the most from this kind of conversation tomorrow!


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