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TCan-I-Help-Youhe other day I was talking to one of my new business owner clients. She is an enthusiastic marketer and actually an enthusiastic person all around. This week she surprised me, though, by telling me, “I think I am going to take a part-time job through Christmas. Even though I am getting encouraging responses to my marketing it looks as if most of my potential clients don’t want to start anything until after the holidays so I’m going to take a part-time job at Target.

“At Target?” I said.

“Yes!  It isn’t very much per hour but it will help staunch the bleed in my savings and I think I am going to enjoy it.  I’ll be one of those people on the floor stocking shelves and saying “Can I help you find anything?”  (You know how much I like to help people and just plain talk!)  I think I will enjoy this job and it is only through Christmas.  I will still have 20 hours a week to keep marketing and finish the current projects I have going. AND BESIDES,” she added, You know my car with the car magnet on it is going to be parked in that big lot for 20 hours every week!”

I left our conversation thinking,”This woman is going to succeed in her business! She has such a good attitude and she doesn’t let anything stop or discourage her.  If there is a roadblock, she just deals with it, moves around it, and keeps on going!”  And her natural friendliness and positive attitude are going to be such an asset in her marketing, she won’t be working at Target long!

MARKETING TIP:  Especially for what people consider expensive services, marketing may not be an immediate sell and that “wait in the dark” as potential clients make up their minds can be discouraging. This is why “Funnel Marketing” (a system of marketing activities that keep interested people close to you until they are ready to buy) is so important.  I happen to know this client of mine has a great grasp of funnel marketing and that the growing group of people who are out there, feeling positive about her and her work, but are not quite ready to buy, all get regular contact from her.  Come the new year, she will be ready and her contacts will not be cold.

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