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Monthly Business Coaching/Consulting Package:

Business Success
Business Success

Looking for more than motivation, goal-setting, and accountability from your Business Coach?

Many sole -proprietors struggle because they have no one in their corner to help them on a weekly basis.  In addition to motivation, help in goal setting, and being accountable to someone, they also need someone to bounce ideas off of, to teach them business shortcuts, and to mentor them through difficult business situations.  

This monthly business coaching and consulting package is designed to add the missing components back into your coaching relationship.

Your monthly coaching provides:

  • Weekly coaching sessions (45-min to an hour) – four per month
  • Weekly business activity planning
    • Help in working ON your business
    • Help with marketing and sales activities
    • Coaching prep and debriefing for sales situations
    • Help in working with your own personal business obstacles and challenges
  • Motivation and accountability support
  • Plus Business Skills Training – as you need it!
    • including training in The Five Essential Skills you need to find clients!

This is coaching/consulting at its best!  Personalized to you and your business:  Business Skills Training + weekly coaching, goal setting, motivation and accountability!

Cost of program: $280/month.  Try it for one month for $250!

Call for a FREE 30-40 Minute Consultation  See if what you are looking for is a match for what I offer!

Dhyan Atkinson
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