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Why should you be interested in meeting other “memory saving” professionals in your community?

Well, for one thing they have the exact same target clients that you do!  That means if you would like to get referrals from business people whose work directly crosses the path of your ideal target clients, other memory saving professionals fit the bill a higher percentage of the time than, say, your local insurance agent, the Mary Kay consultant down the street, or an appliance repair service… all of which you are likely to meet at any small business networking event.

Who are all the memory-saving professionals? 

  • Personal Historians
  • Oral Historians
  • Video-Biographers
  • Family Story Writers
  • Genealogists
  • Memorial, Anniversary, Birthday or Special Event filmmakers, photographers & storywriters
  • PhotoBook or Narrated Slide Show Creators
  • Photoshop & Photo Restoration Professionals
  • Digital Transfer Experts
  • Scrapbook Professionals
  • Professional Organizers (especially down-sizers and curators)

Did I leave anyone out?

It is easy to find these people.  Google any of them + your city or community name.  They will pop right up.  Look at their websites to find out a little about them before you call someone: Have they been in business a long time?  Do they have a marketing savvy website?  Does it look as if they are actively seeking business? – Then they are good candidates for you to talk to.

Want to know what to say to a stranger who might be a great potential referral partner?   I’ll write about that tomorrow!


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