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Programs for “Marketing Introverts!”


MARKETING INTROVERT:  An intelligent, friendly, capable business owner who, unfortunately, DREADS doing marketing and sales!  Reluctance and fear make it hard for this business owner to do enough marketing to be successful in business.

Free Consultation:

Have questions about how I help Marketing Introverts?  Wonder if you are the ONE “hopeless case” who can’t be helped? (You’d be surprised how many small business owners are afraid this is true!) E-mail me to set up a 10-20 minute consultation – free of charge.  We will discuss your challenges and your business, compare what you want/need with the programs I offer for Marketing Introverts, and see if we are a match.  This consultation is a discussion not a “hard” sales pitch.

Click Dhyan to request your free consultation.

On-Request, Single Sessions:

60 minutes focused on you and your business.  Come with some challenge you face as a Marketing Introvert.  Together we will analyze the problem and come up with a solution you can use out in the real world as you look for your clients.  $75/session.

E-mail DHYAN with questions or click SINGLE SESSIONS to purchase.

Block of Sessions:

Four or more 60-minute sessions purchased together as a block to be used within 6 months.  Cost of sessions is $75/session but you get an extra 40 minutes of consulting time for every 4 hours you purchase.  This is a $50 value.  The sessions must be purchased together and up front.  This option is good for the Marketing Introvert who wants ongoing help and the opportunity to practice solutions and skills before returning for the next level of consulting.  Decrease your dread and fear of marketing and sales!  Build confidence by knowing exactly what you are going to say the next time you meet a potential client!    $300 / block of four sessions.

E-mail DHYAN with questions or click BLOCK OF SESSIONSto purchase.

12 Week Business Intensive for Marketing Introverts

  • 12 Weeks of Business Skills Training:  Program covers strategic planning, goal setting, products and pricing, target client identification, marketing message, business communication skills (including marketing message, 30 Second Commercial, public speaking, and text for your website or marketing materials, as needed), 3 to 5 new marketing strategies, basic sales skills, organization, scheduling, and time management.
  • Program is personalized to you and your business.  No two programs are exactly alike.
  • This program differs from the basic 12 Week Business intensive Program in that it includes Weekly Coaching to help you sustain your marketing efforts in the face of fear and the desire to procrastinate.  Secure an ally as you go out into the world to find your clients!
  • Special help in identifying and addressing limiting beliefs, attitudes and behavior patterns that hold you back during marketing and sales.
  • $1900:  Program comes with 12 training packets and between session coaching and e-mail support.

E-mail Dhyan with questions or click 12 WEEK BUSINESS INTENSIVE for Marketing Introverts to purchase.

12 Week Program for Marketing Introverts “PLUS a Website!” package:

  • You get the same things as in the “12 Week Business Intensive for Marketing Introverts” but you also leave the program with a brand new or upgraded website!
  • You receive a personalized business skills training program, 12 weekly coaching sessions for your marketing and sales activity, PLUS a brand new website!
  • We will work with a website developer to put up a basic WordPress website for you.  WordPress is well known for its ease of use and your ability to make changes to the pages yourself.  Should you need more than a basic website we will get a firm estimate on what the website additions you want will cost.  No surprises at the end!
  • $2,900:  Program comes with 12 training packets, between session coaching and e-mail support plus a basic website.

E-mail DHYANwith questions or click 12 WEEKS – PLUS A WEBSITE! to purchase.

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