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Business Skills Training Programs for Small Business Owners

Tens of thousands of people will start businesses this year:

  • Millenials – our most educated but also most debt ridden generation
  • Boomers –  on the edge of retirement who want one more financial success
  • Encore Entrepreneurs – already retired but still wanting to be active and to create additional retirement income
  • Those Downsized or Laid Off – who are finding it hard to reenter employment and want to work for themselves

Unfortunately, many first time business people spend all their time, energy and money learning their professional skills or developing their product.  They often forget that your product or service will not sell itself – you have to have business skills to find clients.

The Business Programs listed below correct the “start-up fails in the first year” problem.

Call me for your free consultation so we can see if what you need is what I offer!

Dhyan Atkinson
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Business Skills Intensives

3 to 6 month personalized training programs designed to help you master the skills you need to find clients and run your business

Single Private Sessions:

    • Single 60 Minute Session
    • Block of 4 Single Sessions

Special Programs for Special Situations:

    •  Marketing 4 Introverts – for people who are afraid enough of marketing and sales that it restricts their ability to find clients.
    • Accountability 101:  for people who already know what they need to be doing but are having trouble staying on track
    • Monthly Business Coaching:   for people who need a business coach, mentor and ally to help them negotiate the intricacies of business.  Also for people who know they are their biggest problem and want help getting past their own obstacles.

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