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How do you stay in contact with new “business friends” and “potential referral partners” without this taking up all of your time?

First of all you need a decent contact management system.  I don’t care what kind you use but choose something that lets you easily sort the information so that you can put in a “contact this person again” date, which you can sort by, to remind you who this person is and that it is time to re-connect.

There are several ways to keep in touch with people you REALLY think might be able to help you with your business and that you are willing to help with theirs:

  • Of course the best thing is to send them a potential client introductions.. when you can.
  • Secondly, if you meet a type of person they told you they are trying to meet, send a two person introduction out.  “Hi, I think you two should meet one another.”
  • Send a “thinking of you” email:  “Hi, I called in February. I thought we might be good referral partners.  Haven’t found anyone to send to you YET but I just want you to know I am still thinking of (remembering) you.  Has anything changed in your business that I should know about?
  • Send an update on your business and ask for an update from them
  • If you have an event coming up, let them know.  Ask them if they would mention it to their clients.  OFFER TO DO THE SAME FOR THEM AND THEN DO IT IF THEY ASK.
  • If they send out a monthly email or a blog – ask if you can be a guest writer.  Offer the same to them.

When you have a good contact management system, you can set up a tickler file that will remind you to connect again with people you liked and with whom you wanted to stay in connection.  Then schedule a small block of time (every week, every month…?) to do your call backs.

Remember that you are not JUST making a connection with that one person – you are potentially connecting with all the people THEY know in addition to all the people you know.  Your circles of connection will grow exponentially.


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