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12 Session Business Intensive for Small Business Owners

6 Month Business Intensive, Workshops, Private Sessions, Ongoing Coaching

I have been working with Dhyan as my business consultant for the past two years.  I started working with Dhyan by taking her 12 session business intensive I continued by doing several blocks of 4 sessions and now the weekly Accountability 101.   I somewhat reluctantly signed up to work with Dhyan on the recommendation of my personal historian friend in New Zealand, and I was overwhelmed at the breadth of the content and how much the bus skills she taught made a difference to my business.

I highly recommend the Business Intensive.  It was wonderful, concise, and offered the whole spectrum of skills I needed to know in order to find clients.  The knowledge gave me a great deal of confidence to go out into the world and market.  Dhyan taught me the skills I needed to find clients and now she helps me stay focused and on track week by week.

Marie Nunan,

Personal historian – Geelong Australia


12 Session Business Intensive, Sessions As Needed

Dhyan’s wise counsel helped me greatly in starting my business. Besides giving very practical tips for marketing my small business, her background in therapy proved useful in combating the negative mindsets that can “flame up” when you’re trying to move forward in uncharted waters.

Joanne McHugh

Personal Historian


12 Session Business Intensive, Private Sessions, and Classes:

I usually listen to recordings of our sessions and classes I have taken with you more than once. Recently I listened to your strategic planning teleclass a couple more times. It is so helpful for me to revisit them, because I forget, but then I get fired up again and start putting things into practice. If you knew how many times I listened to some of our sessions and your classes, you would be surprised. I’ll go back to them again later and reinforce things I’d half picked up the time before.

So I am telling you this to say thanks!

Leslie Lang

Personal Historian


12 Session Business Intensive, Classes, Workshops, Sessions On Request

From the Listserv:  I have to second Lettice’s comments on Dhyan Atkinson’ expertise. I recently finished the 12-week intensive program with her and it helped me get much more sharply focused on the work I do and, more importantly, what I don’t do. Definitely worth checking out.

cj Madigan,

Personal Historian


Classes and Workshops

Help! I’m a timid entrepreneur! Dhyan offered me excellent ideas that were rooted in common sense. Her willingness to follow up and to hold me to commitments helped encourage me to sell myself and my product.

Jim Taulman

Personal Historian


Reviews from Conference Workshops

Dhyan is a dynamic presenter and has been a big draw in the past. She completely engages the audience, and this particular topic  is one that everyone always asks about. She is particularly skillful at showing us, in detail, how to conduct a “sales dialogue”. I think this is a crucial workshop.

Dhyan’s workshops are not staccato, with lots of facts being tossed out fast. It’s her more gentle manner with people that makes it possible for participants not only to learn but to grow inside. Her popularity with APH members speaks for itself.

Dhyan is a remarkable speaker and presenter. ?  Everyone who has worked with Dhyan always speaks highly of her.


I won a free marketing consultation with Dhyan at the annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians.  A newbie to the personal histories business, I wrote my business plan soon after the conference and brought it to the discussion table with Dhyan.  In one phone session, Dhyan helped me re-focus my marketing plan and helped me identify key action points in my sales strategy.  Since then, I’ve been on a continuing program with Dhyan via the telephone and the email.  I keep her posted on developments in my action plan and she continues to inspire and motivate me to keep moving on towards my vision.

Aurora Paragas

Personal Historian


6 Month Business Skills Intensive – Group Program

I recently took Dhyan’s business intensive class. Dhyan provided six months of information, ideas and amazing support for me as I start my business.  She covered the skills needed for starting a successful business including developing a strategic plan, sales, marketing and even organization ideas.  I have really been able to see my company developing by utilizing the tools Dhyan provided, and I can see the path to take to achieve my goals.

I recommend  working with Dhyan if you need support in any area of your business.  She knows the motivation and support needed to help with the challenges that small business owners face. Working with Dhyan will definitely give you the tools  needed to achieve your goals as well.

Susan Troiano

Personal historian


RE: 6 Month Business Intensive Class 2014


And it went great! Thanks to you. The questions up front part is true brilliance. The rest was perfect. My materials were perfect. She LOVED the leather binder. She sold herself. She had already spoken w her dad and he’s excited to do it. Her brothers are far away, have told her, “whatever, we trust you,” and she wants to give them last chance to object just in case. But we talked schedules and I know it’s a go.  So cool!

Thank you for everything and all your wisdom and confidence. Truly.

Debbie Broida

Personal Historian


RE: 6 Month Business Intensive Class 2014

“I’m four months into the program, I am farther along than I ever imagined I would be!”

Senath Rankin

Personal Historian


I used all the sales techniques that I’ve learned from you and THEY WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!!! Thank you so much for helping me develop the skills that I so desperately needed to make my business work. I realize that before I started taking your class I was scaring off prospective clients with my blunt approach. From you, I’m learning how to earn their trust and enthusiasm for the service I offer.

Susan Milstein

Personal History Productions


Non-Personal Historian 6 Month Business Intensive

I have been to so many workshops where they spent the first hour restating a problem and the next hour giving you philosophical answers.  You leave the workshop, go back to your office, and don’t have anything practical to use.  With Dhyan’s 6 month class I got very practical tools I could go out and use immediately to help me build my business!

Kate O’Brien



My experience with Dhyan Atkinson and her six month marketing class was completely positive.  The class offered a variety of marketing methods and Dhyan worked with each member of the class to choose the methods that would work best for them.  We learned about goal setting and implementing a plan to achieve those goals.  During the class times, each member shared their progress for the week and we were able to support and encourage each other with suggestions and new ideas.  The class was a positive learning experience for me and has given me ideas and direction for marketing my business.

Daniel Sutherland

Insurance Sales


Marketing 4 Introverts Programs

It is hard to believe that Dhyan was once a Marketing Introvert from the way she is in her business now but I have to say that she understands me perfectly.  I love my business, I want to keep doing this work, but I am terrified of doing marketing and sales.  Dhyan taught me skills and then patiently practiced them with me privately.  She taught me what to do in marketing situations which made it easier to just go out and do what she taught me without over-thinking about it so much.  Even more importantly, as I worked with Dhyan and my skills got better my confidence grew.  I suspect I will always be a Marketing Introvert but now I know how to go out and handle myself professionally.  AND… I am closing sales.



Before working with Dhyan, I couldn’t see myself as a salesperson.  But as we worked through her training materials I found myself thinking “Hey, I can do this!”  I started realizing I could be a sales person and still “be myself!”  Selling moved from something I knew I had to do for my business – to something I could actually see myself doing and doing well!  ~  What a relief!

Ron O’Reilly

Personal historian

Private Sessions

Hello there, Dhyan!  Well I have to let you know I just made $100.00 that I would not have done without you.  A former customer called for more work and I was about to say. “Oh I’ll just come by and give you an answer.”  But then I thought about what you said – giving services away for free does not make for new customers – and I told her I would charge her half since this was a small issue.

She didn’t even blink.  Yeha!

See you Monday for our next session!

Jean Dineen

Fini Design


From day one I have felt comfortable working with Dhyan.  She combines professionalism with the ability to make you feel as if you have known her for years. I was able to talk to her about any and all projects and what I needed to do to expand my business. She brings resources to the table so I didn’t have to go out and find them for myself providing me with suggestions, options, and valuable introductions.

 She walked me through the process of getting a website up and running which has proved such a successful marketing strategy that I am currently looking for new employees to help me with my increased business! 

 If you are a small business owner wanting to expand your business, I recommend Dhyan as an excellent consultant.

John Belt

OPAM, Inc – Metal work and fabrication

Erie, Colorado


“I just had a 50-minute phone consultation with marketing consultant Dhyan Atkinson about my planned website re-design. She had looked at my website ahead of time and gave me excellent, thoughtful, creative advice. She suggested and pointed out things I had never thought about, despite my 11 years in this business. Dhyan works with many personal historians, so she understood immediately and precisely what I was asking. I was charged for exactly 50 minutes, and I received much more than my money’s worth.

Whether you are a new or seasoned personal historian, you should consider getting professional, objective advice on marketing your services. It is good to know that there is someone out there like Dhyan who understands this business and is available by phone for a minimal cost.

Lettice Stuart

Portraits in Words


My sessions with Dhyan paid off, big-time.  At Dhyan’s suggestion, I kept a diary of everything I did to grow my business, AND, I closed my first sale within six weeks of beginning to work with her!

Dhyan not only taught me business skills… she taught me to BE a business owner.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Linda Kraus, M.A.

Time Binding Recording Your Story


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