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I just attended an hour-long webinar of tips from two well-known published and self-published authors who also do business coaching with writers:  Debbie Weil and Debbie Reber.

I want you to know they averaged “mentioning stories of work with a particular client” or saying “when I work with my clients…” about one to two times every five minutes – each!  Did they over do it?  No, I didn’t think so.   The average attendee might not have noticed at all.  I notice because I spend so much of my consulting time working with people who are afraid to self-promote and are timid about crossing some invisible “marketing line.”   They are afraid if they cross this invisible line people will think they are “obnoxious” and wouldn’t hire them if they were the last person offering their service on earth!  Pretty daunting self talk!

When I work with MY clients – I always tell them there are two agendas for any public speaking.  The first is that the audience wants to get good information from people they like.  They want to enjoy the presentation.

Did the webinar from the Two Debbies fulfill that agenda?  They sure did!  I got lots of good tips from these two published writers on what kinds of editors there are, how to find, select and work with an editor, what are the pros and cons of sending in a book proposal and looking for a traditional editor vs self publishing.  Plus they talked about the writing process itself – tips from actual writers!

I’m all jazzed to get to my writing projects This Afternoon!

The second agenda you have to attend to when you are doing public presentations is your own. Debbie and Debbie also attended well to this agenda.  Did I leave with a clear idea of what services they offer to people like me?  I sure did!  If I ever need/want/can afford a writing coach will I consider one of them?  You bet!

So be clear about both agendas when you plan your presentations.  Yes, you want people to go away singing your praises for providing a lot of really good and helpful information but you also want want them to consider working with you.  And they can’t or won’t do that if you don’t let people know what you do, why and with whom.

And by the way… do you give “great” presentations but are not getting enough clients for the labor and time?  Contact me to talk about it for 15 minutes.  Let me give you a few tips and see if our working together might result in more sales for you.  This is a self-promotion!  : )

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