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This program powerfully combines business skills training with personalized coaching to help you master the skills you need, and use them out in the real world to find clients!

In addition, you will acquire the skills of a master wordpress designer to help you put up a simple, effective website which you can update yourself.

Business Intensive includes

  • Complete both a strategic and a marketing plan for your business
  • Learn a 10-15 min weekly activity planning process that will make sure everything gets done while decreasing time and effort.
  • Identify your target clients – the people who are most ready, willing and able to buy from you
  • Analyze the demographics of your sales area
  • Define products and pricing  including passive sources of revenue
  • Create a dynamic marketing message based on the reasons your clients buy
  • Learn to communicate about your business (verbally or in writing) to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Craft a 30 Second Commercial directed toward your ideal target clients
  • Set up and run 3 to 5 marketing strategies that you can do consistently that will get you in front of your ideal target clients or people who can refer them to you
  • Create marketing strategies that work together
  • Receive coaching on your real-life marketing and sales activities every week!
  • Design a personalized Sales Dialogue including all materials you need to take to a presentation or sales call
  • Private one-on-one practice to master sales skills before you go out to use them in real life!
  • Tighten up your organization and time management skills
  • Begin reaching targeted goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the program

The program is tailored to you, personally, and to your business.  We will not spend time on skills you have already mastered but use it where you most need help.  Included:

  • 3 to 6 months to complete the program
  • a 100 page workbook including workpages to help you apply skills directly to your business life
  • Between session email support
  • Cost of this program is the same as without the additional website

Website package includes

Professional Web Development and Graphic Design:

    • An entirely personalized WordPress.org website including domain name, hosting, and template
    • A customized banner, look and feel, using your colors and logo
    • Four beginning pages:  Home Page, About Us, Products/Services, Contact Us.
    • The ability to add additional pages on your own.  (If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the WordPress style sheet.)  Tutorial services available.

Give Your Site Impact and Drive In More Business with these low-cost add-ons:

      • Add a  blog
      • Set up a shopping cart for online purchases
      • Embed Video/Audio
      • Add on Website Statistics Tracking
      • Add a Search Engine Optimization widget
      • Add changing Flash Slideshows, Animated Flash Banner, etc.
      • Have us set up Custom Forms, Visitor Login, Password Protected Areas, etc.-you will also have tools to add and edit these features!
      • Add these in from the start or create a Phase I / Phase II plan.  Buy what you need now and know the cost of what you want to add later.

Cost of Business Intensive + WordPress Website:  

    • $2000 which is the cost of the 12 Session Business Intensive.
    • $500  to cover helping you write targeted, attention getting text for your website and choose visual images
    • $1500 to $2000 for a four page website (home page, about us page, products and process page, and contact us page).  Cost will vary according to website design and any additional features you request.
    • Basic package runs from $4000 to $4500.  Consider savings you will incur by not doing your website separately and time you will save.

Take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION to help you decide.

Or call 303-415-0243 to talk to Dhyan.



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