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Dear Business Owners:

The Five Essential Skills You Need To Find Clients are:

  1. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  2. Business Communication
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Organization and Time Management

When you first look at this list of skills they look easy enough.

What is not obvious at first is that each one of these skills has a relationship to the others:

  • You can’t do sales, for example, if you haven’t attracted clients through marketing
  • You will not excel at marketing unless you have really identified your ideal target clients (strategic planning) and thought carefully about what you say and what you write to catch their attention (business communication)
  • Back to sales:  it is soooo easy to lose a sale when you get trapped answering the hardest questions first without knowing how to run a professional sales dialogue.


The number one reason people come to me for help is because they have not mastered these skills and are subsequently not closing enough business to thrive financially.  Some people are spending A LOT of time marketing, but doing it ineffectively… most people simply are not doing enough and don’t know what else they should do.

While it appears sensible to start at the top of this skills list and work your way down, most people need to be improving their marketing and sales skills ASAP.  For this reason, my programs tend to move “up and down” the skills list rather than from the first to the last.  Our goal is to get you starting on finding clients as quickly as possible.

Strategic Planning includes:

  1. Defining your products and services
  2. Identifying your target clients and
  3. Pin-pointing the compelling reasons your clients have for buying your product or services
  4. Setting goals for you business and your marketing.

Business Communication takes crucial information about your target clients from the Strategic Planning work and turns it into a target client specific Marketing Message, your 30 Second Commercial, your Business Card, and the text for your website.

Marketing Strategies revolve around key questions such as those listed below and then turn them into 3-5 marketing strategies that get you directly in front of your target clients and people who can refer them to you.  These strategies are the life-line of your business and need to be ongoing and consistent.

  • What are my revenue goals?  What percentage of my goal am I currently reaching?  How quickly do I need to bring in additional revenue?
  • What are the demographics of my community?  Are my customers looking for me?  Or do I need to educate them about my products and services?
  • How much time do I have to spend on marketing each week?  (At least 15 to 20 percent of your time will probably be spent marketing.)
  • What is my marketing budget?  (“Zero” is not an acceptable answer here!  Marketing “feeds” your business so you can’t have a zero marketing budget any more than you can have a zero grocery budget and expect to survive!)
  • Which strategies will get me most directly in front of my target clients or people who can refer them to me?
  • What are my marketing activity preferences?  (It is okay to have preferences but learning how to overcome reservations or aversions is a big part of growing as a business owner.)
  • How quickly can I get started?

Sales is not an intuitive process for most people.  Just like you wouldn’t get into the cockpit of an airplane and try to fly it without any training, it is unreasonable for most people to think that they have a great product or service so doing sales, without any sales training, is going to be a piece of cake!  And what a pity to work hard on your marketing and then lose a sale because you didn’t know how to have a professional sales conversation with a client!

Time Management and Organization Skills Finally, most of the people I work with are more used to being employees than business owners.  It is easy for them to do the parts of their business they like.  It is also easy for them to avoid doing the parts of their business they don’t like.  I teach simple Time Management and Organization Skills that help business owners do all the things they need to do easily and efficiently – so you can spend more time doing the parts of your business you love the most!

On the encouraging side, these Five Essential Skills are not rocket science and an average, persistent person can master them all.  All of my training programs, my business consulting and coaching are designed to help you!

If you haven’t already:  Please download my free e-book on “THE FIVE ESSENTIAL SKILLS YOU NEED TO FIND CLIENTS” from my homepage. This will give you lots of information you need to get started!


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