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I came across an article in Science News that I found very encouraging. The headline was “Pianists learn better by playing.”

“What???” I hear you say, “Pianists?”  Read on! : )

In a study by McGill University in Montreal and The National Institute of Health and Medical Research in France, 20 skilled pianists were asked to learn 12 simple melodies either by listening to them or playing them. In later tests, the pianists were better at spotting a single errant note in a recording of the melodies in a piece they had PLAYED rather than just heard. Playing the song activated parts of the brain that handle movement. The article concludes: “Physically doing a task sears its memory into the brain in a special way.”

What does that mean to us? It means if you have crafted a 30 second commercial AND ARE SAYING IT DAILY, studied the networking questions AND ARE USING THEM WHENEVER YOU CAN, know how to respond to interest and ARE PRACTICING seeing how far down the “sales pipeline” you can take ANY conversation with a person who expresses interest (without seeming “pushy” or “sales-y”) — If you are PRACTICING your skills you are much more likely to master them and REMEMBER THEM in the right situation!

Good to know!


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