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I attended the live simulcast of the  Kauffman “State of Entrepreneurship Conference 2015” earlier this month.  The President of the Kauffman Foundation (a leader in supporting and nurturing entrepreneurship in the United States) plus the Secretary of Commerce and the Administrator of the Small Business Administration all gave keynote speeches.

Who do they see as the upcoming Entrepreneurs of 2015?

The Millenials:

Millenials are our most educated generation.  They are just now reaching their 40s, the age when most entrepreneurs start their first business.  Many Millenials, however, are also saddled with huge school loan debts making it difficult for them to find the capital to start their own business.  Clever people that they are, they are looking to partner or get mentoring from older entrepreneurs or to invest in very specific education on the business skills they need.

The Boomers

Boomers should be about to retire now, right?  Wrong!  Many boomers are healthy, strong, and not ready for a back seat anywhere.  Boomers have more retirement wealth than previous generations.  They have always shown an interest in being “different” and their risk taking tendencies coupled with their entrepreneural background is sending them into new business opportunities when most previous generations would be starting to slow down.

Encore Entrepreneurs

What’s an Encore Entrepreneur, you may ask?  This is a new name for people who are already retired who want to stay engaged and keep going past retirement  They often choose a second career that parallels one of their passions or interests. Others are finding that the money they accumulated during a lifetime of working is not enough to cover expected expenses in the future and they want a second income well into their 70s and 80s.  Last year, 2014, the SBA and AARP mentored 30,000 new Encore Entrepreneurs in starting a business.

Looks like there will be lots of new entrepreneurs in the coming year!

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