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Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry money home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?
Or would you rather be a … half-successful business owner?

Let’s face it.  That’s where a lot of us still are, half successful.  We start out with a vision of our business where finding clients is easy, they turn out to be so interesting and delightful that our work is sheer joy, and our projects are outstanding.  We hope that as soon as possible we are being handed from one client to the next through our “raving fan” former clients.  We may even still cherish that dream … while seemingly getting no closer to its reality.

If you feel that you are a “half-successful” business owner here are a few tips for the new year:

  1. Do that 2016 strategic plan but go one step further than just writing down your wishes and dreams for your business. Ask yourself “How am I going to get from here to there” and create not just a wish list for your business but an actual navigational plan.  You need a ‘Master To Do List’, a ‘Next 30 Days To Do List’, and a ‘Upcoming Week To Do List’.  And you need to use them to consistently guide your business activities!
  2. Then, be really honest and identify what is going well in your business and what isn’t. Are there things you have been putting off learning that would make your business more successful?  Are there things that you should be doing (more of, less of, start doing, avoid doing, be more consistent at?)  Get those things into your schedule.  Lastly, take a really hard look at yourself as a business owner.  How could you get yourself to a more successful level?  How might you be holding yourself back?  How could you correct those things and GROW into the business owner you want to be?
  3. Next, ask yourself how might you step-up your marketing? I am not talking about working harder, longer, more stressfully. I am talking about working smarter, more effectively, and becoming really results-oriented; no more being satisfied with marketing that gets you very poor responses.  What could you do to make the marketing you are doing more successful?  What kind of marketing would start bringing your target clients right to your door?  When can you start?
  4. Lastly,invest in help if you need it. That doesn’t just mean hiring a consultant or business skills trainer to help you grow more quickly… although that could be something you consider.  It could also mean that you spend a dedicated amount of time, every week, mastering something you need to know and putting it into practice. It means not being lazy about your business development or putting it off to a once-a-year training experience at a conference. It means searching on the internet for resources, studying and using them.  It means that ‘assessing  yourself honestly’ is something that happens constructively every week.

You COULD be better than you are!
You could be swinging on a star!

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